Frequently Asked Questions

What are the art prints made from?

Our art prints are one of the most popular from our store so we take good care of them, they are all printed onto a cotton canvas that is durable and eco-friendly. Our printing inks are waterproof and premium quality with a smooth feel and immaculate precision when printing.


Why can't I pickup my products?

As of now, we are just an online store as complications with Covid-19 has restricted to opening a location, we also sell to customers all over Australia so opening in multiple locations is extremely hard. We offer free delivery to all products to help make up for this.


Why do some of my items come in different packages?

Depending on the item, some are ready to be sent out within a few days but some can take awhile to have assembled or created, as we have lots of designs for different products it can be expensive for us to keep multiple ready to be sent so some products such as some canvas prints will be printed once ordered.


How fast is delivery?

As stated in the question above, different products can be shipped differently, we have delivery priority over our furniture products as they are much larger and most are always ready to be sent out within a few days. With complications of Covid-19 there is also unexpected delays in some deliveries with Auspost or Aramex, being our main carriers.


How can I track my order?

Everyone should receive a tracking number for their order once it has been shipped out, some complications with us using different carriers can restrict this sometimes and unfortunately as of now the only solution is to email us with your order number at "".




If these don't answer the questions you may be having, feel free to ask our email support team by giving them a message, or filling out a form here.